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About NCRA

Awards and Contests

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NCRA awards a number of honors and awards throughout the year. These include:

Fellows of the Academy of Professional Reporters

Fellowship in the Academy of Professional Reporters is a professional distinction conferred upon a person of outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience in the field of shorthand reporting.

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award encourages and recognizes work amounting to distinguished service by individual members of NCRA for the benefit of the reporting profession.  For more information, contact Laura Butler.

Speed Contest

Held at the Annual Convention, The speed contest consists of three five-minute dictations: literary at 220 wpm; legal opinion at 230; and two-voice testimony at 280. Contestants have 90 minutes for each segment to transcribe. The scores of everyone who qualifies in all three legs will be averaged to determine the NCRA speed contest champion.

Realtime Competition

Held att the Annual Convention, CRR and Merit writers test their realtime writing skills in this annual realtime contest. The competition consists of two five-minute dictations: straight matter at 180 wpm and a two-voice at 225 wpm.

Honorary Members

Any person who has attained high rank in the reporting profession as a practitioner of the art of verbatim stenographic reporting, as an author of verbatim stenographic reporting literature, or as a benefactor of the profession, but who is not in the active practice of verbatim stenographic reporting, upon recommendation of the Board of Directors, may be elected an Honorary Member.

Endorsers of the Year

Each year the Participating or Registered Member who endorses the most new members is honored at our annual Convention for his or her contribution to the growth of NCRA.

CASE Award of Excellence

The Council on Approved Student Education Award of Excellence to an Outstanding Educator is given in recognition of dedication to students and extraordinary contributions to reporter education.