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Continuing Education

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Legal Videography (CLVS)  

Technical Issues

How many CEUs do I have and when does my CEU cycle expire?

To get information on your CEU status, please login and navigate to "View My Transcript."  

When do my CEUs expire?

CEUs always expire on Sept 30th, but the year varies depending on when the CEU cycle was started. The CEU cycle is 3 years.

When is the next Certification Exam? Will forms be mailed?

Skills Examinations

The RPR, RMR, CRR, CBC and CCP skills examinations are always given on the first Saturday of May and the first Saturday of November. Please visit for more testing dates, as well as other important information.

Written Examinations

Written Knowledge Tests (WKT) are administered 4 times a year at Pearson VUE testing centers. Written exams are not administered on the same day as skills exams  For upcoming exam dates, please visit the Testing Center.


Candidates may register online or by using the registration form which is included in the Candidate Handbook.   To register online or to access the registration form, please visit the Testing Center.

CLVS Examinations

Written Knowledge Tests are held in conjunction with all other court reporting examinations at Pearson VUE locations. Production exams are held in conjunction with the CLVS Seminar/Forum. As of July 2008, two additional production exams wil be offered at regional locations in Decemeber and June. For upcoming exam dates, please visit the Testing Center. More questions about the CLVS Program? Visit our CLVS FAQ page.

When and where is the next Midyear Conference and the next Annual Convention?

You can find information on all upcoming NCRA events by visiting our Event Calendar. If you have further questions about the events, feel free to contact the Member Services and Information Center at 800-272-6272.

Where do I find a list of upcoming NCRA Pre-Approved Seminars?

You can view the NCRA Pre-Approved Seminar Calendar by visiting our Continuing Education Page.

Is there a logo that I can use as an NCRA member?

Yes, there is. We’ve designed an NCRA Member logo specifically for that purpose, along with instructions on its proper use.

Where can I find more information about the Code of Professional Ethics and Business Practices?


The Code of Ethics and Advisory Opinions is available on our website. You will be able to navigate through the Advisory Opinions Index, Transcript Formatting Guidelines, General Guidelines, and Complaint Procedures. You may also contact the Member Services Center at 800-272-6272 to speak to our Code of Professional Ethics and Business Practices Administrator.

What is NCRA's contact information?


National Court Reporters Association
8224 Old Courthouse Road
Vienna, Virginia 22182-3808


Toll Free: (800) 272-6272 (NCRA)
Local: (703) 556-6272 (NCRA)
TTY: (703) 556-6289
Fax: (703) 556-6291

Member Services & Information Center Email


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