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As of December 1, 2012, the National Court Reporters Association has partnered with a Washington, D.C.-area customer service support firm, BrightKey, to assist members with questions and requests for assistance. This best-in-class customer service organization is essentially an extension of the NCRA team and is fully equipped to assist members and non-members with a wide range of inquiries and support. BrightKey is fully bonded and insured, and a dedicated team has been trained to assist NCRA callers with requests pertaining to event registration, certification, membership, general inquiries and more.

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National Court Reporters Association
8224 Old Courthouse Road
Vienna, Virginia 22182-3808

Contact Numbers

Toll Free: 800-272-6272 (NCRA)
Local: 703-556-6272 (NCRA)
Fax: 703-556-6291
TTY: 703-556-6289

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    Use the PDC or CEU request forms to obtain credit for non-NCRA activities.
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