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Continuing Education

CEU Transcripts

Which Transcript Do You Need?

NCRA provides you with three different versions of your transcript. Below are their descriptions and suggested uses.

  • Cycle Transcript – This transcript applies to your current NCRA certifications and shows you the start and end dates of your cycle as well as how many units you need. This transcript only will cover the period of your current cycle and will not include information on terminated certifications and only shows points you’ve earned during this period. Use this transcript to track your current cycle requirements. Some states will ask for this transcript for their certifications. This transcript will NOT display if you do not have a current NCRA certification.  
  • Full Transcript – This transcript includes everything for which you’ve received credit through NCRA. It will include all certification exams you have passed but will not display terminated certifications. This transcript is available to all members, and states will accept NCRA’s transcript as proof of completion for NCRA sponsored events.
  • All-Inclusive Transcript – This transcript includes everything continuing education oriented you’ve submitted/taken, pass or fail. Use this transcript to review when you’ve taken NCRA certification exams in the past and when/if you’ve taken any of NCRA’s book or JCR article tests. This transcript is available to all members. It is not advised that this transcript be used for any purpose other than personal reference. 

Cycle Extension Requests

Starting with the September 30, 2010, CEU cycle expiration dates, members requesting a 4-month extension of their CEUs from September 30 to January 31 of the following year will need to pay a $95 processing fee. Credential holders are encouraged to obtain their CEUs by September 30th; however, if an extension is needed, please fill out the CEU Extension Request Form.