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Certification & Training

NCRA Certificates

In addition to the certifications, NCRA has two technology based certificates:

  • Realtime Systems Administrator
  • Trial Presentation Professional

Realtime Systems Administrator

Maximize your revenue and impress your clients and potential clients by successfully hooking up your realtime connections every time! This certificate program will provide you with the technical knowledge and troubleshooting skills you need to become the key player in providing realtime to your clients.

Trial Presentation Professional

More and more lawyers and other legal professionals are using electronic trial presentation software to present evidence in court. If done well, electronic documents can improve efficiency and effectiveness of a case. As courtrooms adopt new technologies, IT professionals, courtroom personnel, and trial presenters can find a wide range of equipment available in each new situation. To stay at the top of your game, you need to recognize it all and know what to present and how to present it.

What Do Participants Receive?

By successfully completing the seminars and passing the test afterwards, participants receive a wealth of practical knowledge immediately applicable in the real world. Additionally, participants are awarded with a framable certificate and are authorized to use terminology on marketing materials such as:

  • Credentialed as an NCRA Realtime Systems Administrator
  • NCRA Realtime Systems Administrator Certificate Holder 
  • NCRA Realtime Systems Administrator 
  • Realtime Systems Administrator
  • Credentialed as an NCRA Trial Presentation Professional
  • NCRA Trial Presentation Professional  Certificate Holder
  • NCRA Trial Presentation Professional
  • Trial Presentation Professional

Please note that in certificate programs, the use of an acronym such as RSA or TPP after a name is not allowed. More information is available on the individual certificate program pages.