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Schools & Programs

The History of Court Reporting Education in the United States

by Lynette R. Eggers, MBA, MA, CRI, CPE & Laqueta Soule, CRI, CPE

Certified and Participating Programs

NCRA is not an accrediting agency, but all NCRA-certified programs are accredited by agencies recognized by the U.S. government. Each institution's transfer of credit policy is governed by the standards of the particular agencies accrediting that institution. 

Requirements & Standards

General Requirements and Minimum Standards are established by the Council on Approved Student Education (CASE), part of the National Court Reporters Association. 

Program Certification & Maintenance

Download and complete CASE Annual Report form only if you have an NCRA-certified court reporting program. The Council on Approved Student Education (CASE) requires the Annual Report to be completed each fall using the enrollment as of November 1 each year in the certified court reporting program. 

NCRA Steno Theory Clearinghouse

NCRA has shifted its role regarding steno theories from one of regulator to that of a "clearinghouse".