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Steno Briefs

The Steno Briefs Database
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The following database was developed for NCRA member CART providers and broadcast captioners so that they can share ways to write briefs and phrases that are common, and not so common, to their areas of expertise. Please note that these briefs are suggestions only. Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind when considering which briefs may be appropriate for use:  

  • Do not use briefs if they do not fit within your theory or they will cause conflicts.
  • Test a new brief against your dictionary. If it conflicts, don't use it.
  • Do not try these for the first time on a CART or captioning assignment, as they may cause conflicts with your current writing.
  • Practice writing the brief or phrase many times before implementing it.
  • Put the new outlines in a job dictionary until you're sure you want to use them forever. Then put them in your personal dictionary.
  • Having a brief for a term does not mean you'll understand the term when it is said, remember the outline to write it without hesitation, or write it without fingering errors.
  • Use a brief when the word/phrase is frequent or you frequently misstroke it.
  • Don't use a brief that creates fingering errors.


Brief Categories



Courtroom Terms
Greek Alphabet
Latin America
Metric Prefixes
Miscellaneous Terms
National Politics
Sports, Football
Sports, General
Sports, Golf
Sports, Leagues & Associations
World Affairs

*The briefs displayed here are dependent on contributions made by NCRA members.

Submit a Brief!
Help us grow our database. If you'd like to submit your favorite briefs, send an e-mail to with the subject line "Brief Submission." Please clarify the categories under which the briefs should be placed. You can use the list of categories offered here, or, if the briefs fit best in a new category, please clarify how the category should be identified.


For a list of those NCRA members who have contributed to the NCRA Steno Brief Database, click here.

*Briefs noted with an asterisk are most applicable to Official Court Reporters in courtroom settings.