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The Foundation


Robert H. Clark Library

On November 11th, 1993, Robert Clark donated his treasured collection of rare books, artifacts, and documents related to the court reporting profession. The Robert H. Clark Library is the foundation of the Resource Center.

Our respected collection accomplishes the following:

  • Chronicles the history of court reporting
  • Provides a working reference tool
  • Providing information to members and the community
  • Traces the evolution of the profession and where it's headed

 Virtual Museum

View historical reporter exhibits stored at National Court Reporters Association Headquarters in Vienna, VA. Please note that these photos are property of the National Court Reporters Association. If you would like to use a photo, please contact NCRA at to request written permission. 



Visit the Library

The Resource Center and the Library are housed at NCRA headquarters. Visitors are not only welcome, but encouraged!

Read more about the establishment of the Robert H. Clark Library in the April 2000 and July 2000 issues of the JCR.




Updated 3/22/2012