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NCRF Products

Steno Strong Wristbands 

Steno Strong Wristbands – Be proud!  Be “Stepb/o  Strong! “  This exclusive wristband is a must-have for every age.  Custom-made in two sizes, it’s a great gift for anyone related to steno reporting—yourself, your friends and family, the kids, or the office staff! Available in Small (7" circumference) and Regular (8" circumference).   “Visit to order.”

Steno Strong Bracelets

"Legal Illumination" Limited Edition Print by Terry McKee


Terry McKee, a native of Montgomery, Alabama, delights in giving people the opportunity to see the extraordinary within everyday items and situations.  Artists who have influenced his style are Degas, John Singer Sargent, Edward Hopper, and Richard Estes. 

His paintings on canvas have won numerous awards including the Best of Show award at the Montgomery Art Guild 38th Annual National Fair Statewide Arts Competition; and his work is featured in various corporate collections including, Montgomery Area Board of Realtors, and Jackson Hospital.   “Visit to order.”


Legal Education Seminar 

NCRF’s Legal Education Program seminar, “Making the Record,” has received high praise.  This seminar is designed to educate law students, young attorneys, and judges about the importance of making a good record.  Seminar tools are provided to court reporters for free and are designed to be customized for the specific audience.   For more information, please contact Ms. B.J. Shorak, NCRF Deputy Executive Director at 800/272-6272, x 126, or at

Research Studies Available

How to Conduct an Assessment of Your Court’s Record-Making Operations: A Systemic Approach

This two-volume study by the Justice Management Institute and funded by the National Court Reporters Foundation helps courts make informed decisions about THE best approach for managing the record-making function. Moreover, it educates the courts on what a highly skilled court reporter can do.

NCRF/AJF Developed Model Guidelines for CART in the Courtroom

To provide continuity in the provision of CART services in the legal setting, the National Court Reporters Foundation and the American Judges Foundation have developed model guidelines for the use of CART in the courtroom that offer a structure from which courts can draw in order to meet their individual circumstances. Courts can then manage the accessibility of CART services for people with hearing loss in a uniform and effective manner, benefiting both the court and the CART consumers.

CMRS Job Descriptions for both Official and Freelance Reporters

In 1992, the Foundation  hired Hay Management Consultants to study the work conducted by official court reporters and the commensurate job classification assigned to such work.  Their findings are compelling and serve as an invaluable reference tool to this day.  

As a follow-up to the Hay Study of the Official Court Reporter, NCRF funded the development of two model job descriptions-one each for the managers of official and freelance reporting services.


                                                                                                          Updated 9/13/2012