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What NCRF Does With Your Donations

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The Legal Education Program facilitates the education of the legal profession about the role of the court reporter through our court reporter-led seminar to educate law students, attorneys and judges on “Making the Record” and on the value of stenographic reporting and technology.  Since its launch in 2010, over 170 people have received the free teaching tools, and NCRF has been invited for the 5th time to present this seminar at Georgetown University School of Law.  Plus, NCRF continues to partner with NCRA at the biennial Court Technology Conferences, sponsored by the National Center for State Courts, to put court reporter technology before key players in court administration.  NCRF works diligently to ensure that the legal system understands the benefits of stenographic reporters in the courtroom.


The Oral Histories Program (OHP) offers a great way to “do good” while also raising awareness of the court reporting profession to the general public.  The popular Veterans History Project (VHP) focuses on capturing the poignant oral histories of American wartime veterans. To date, NCRF has submitted over 2,600 transcriptions to the Library of Congress and other program partners through this important program.  Other OHP partners include:

  • the National Equal Justice Library at Georgetown University, which contains histories of notable professionals who have provided pro bono legal services to the poor; and
  • the Center for Public Policy & Social Research at the Central Connecticut State University, an official VHP partner, with a collection of 200 oral histories.


The Student Initiatives Program continues NCRF’s funding of prospective court reporters through several scholarships and awards.  In addition to the Frank Sarli and Student Intern Scholarships, and the New Professional Reporter Grant, NCRF also funds student membership in NCRA for those students who transcribe two oral histories from NCRF's OHP. And, 210 students have received free NCRA memberships so far! This program inspires students to contribute to an important public cause while also encouraging them to invest time in their court reporting community.


The Cart Services Program showcases the CART community by supporting comsumer organizations, such as the Association of Late-Deafened Adults, with grants for CART providers.


Since 2010, NCRF has provided funds to support NCRA's participation in Intersteno to ensure that NCRA represents the profession in the global community. Intersteno is the International Federation for Information Processing, a nonprofit whose mission is "uniting the world-wide community for those using a full range of speed writing methods to quickly produce high quality texts." 

NCRF’s goal is to create programs that become well-known and respected by the constituencies they serve while increasing the positive impact on the profession.  This is made possible through the amazing support of NCRA members who donate their time and money to these great causes.

NCRF—the foundation for court reporting philanthropy

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