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Legal Education Program

NCRF’s Legal Education Program seminar, “Making the Record,” has received high praise.  This seminar is designed to educate law students, young attorneys, and judges about the importance of making a good record.  Seminar tools are provided to court reporters for free and are designed to be customized for the specific audience.   For more information, please contact Ms. B.J. Shorak, NCRF Deputy Executive Director at 800/272-6272, x 126, or at

National Court Reporters FoundationPresentation Tools for "Making the Record"

Below are teaching tools to present a class on “Making the Record.” This is one of NCRF’s major programs, and these tools are designed so that they can be used as is, or reporters may refine them to suit their own style or to adapt them to the type of presentation.

Presentation Outline

This presentation outline is for the presenter’s use and reference only.  It’s not a handout.

PowerPoint on Making the Record

In this PowerPoint you may customize this presentation with your own information. Before a live presentation, view this document through Slideshow so you can see how the animated bullets, etc., progress.  


Here are three handouts with a cover sheet.  The cover sheet should be edited to reflect the location, class, and date.

Evaluation Form

Upon completion of the course, please pass out this evaluation form and return it to NCRF for feedback. We appreciate any comments and input that may improve the presentation.


This script was created by NCRA member Kevin Hunt in his own voice. While not required, this may be a helpful tool for any presenters.

Contact B. J. Shorak, NCRF Deputy Executive Director, with any questions about this or any NCRF program. Every Member Counts to NCRF!