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State Leadership

Welcome to the State Leaders Community of Interest

NCRA's State Leaders Community provides support for the leaders of NCRA State Affiliates across the country by offering access to various tools designed to properly manage and further develop their associations.

Help Members Make the Most of Their Association Experience

What are other State Leaders talking about?

  • Certification
  • Educating the Judicial Community  
  • Electronic Reporting
  • Ethics
  • Hosting Joint Conventions

...and much much more!

  • Inclusion of Alternate Method Reporters
  • Membership Successes
  • Reporter Gifting
  • State Newsletters
  • State Legislation

To request additional information on these topics, click here. (State Leaders Only)

NCSA Chat Transcripts

Association 101 Manual

NCRA is proud to provide to all members the Association 101 Manual”.  If you have any questions, please contact NCRA's Government Relations Department.