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Promoting Realtime

TRAIN: Taking Realtime Awareness and Innovation Nationwide

Train LogoBased on feedback provided by members through Writing Our Future, NCRA has established the TRAIN program to help court reporters get past their reluctance to writing realtime.

  • The goal of the TRAIN Program is to create an influx of realtime reporters to meet marketplace demand and to allow court reporters to differentiate themselves from other methods of making the record. 
  • Designed for delivery in small-group settings at the local level, the TRAIN program will rely on state associations and individual members to carry the message to reporters that experience has shown is the ideal setting for helping them make the transition to realtime. 

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The videos below were captured as part of the TRAIN program given during the 2012 TechCon event in Reston, VA. Members are encouraged to view and share this material. Video may be redstributed with permission from NCRA. View the complete series on the TRAIN Playlist.

Click here to find out your TRAIN representative.

For more information on TRAIN, please contact NCRA Public Relations Specialist Rachel Farbman.

TRAIN - Part 1
youtube video image

TRAIN - Part 2
video image for train

Sarah Nageotte Toni O'Neill

TRAIN - Part 3

youtube video image

TRAIN - Part 4

video image of youtube

TRAIN - Part 5

video image of youtube

TRAIN - Part 6

image of youtube window
Sue Terry Sue Terry

TRAIN - Part 7
Train Photo 9

 TRAIN - Part 8
Train Photo 8
Sue Terry Sarah Nageotte

Special thanks to:

  • The Grassroots Realtime Taskforce: Sarah Nageotte, Toni O'Neill, Viola Zborowski, Regina Tell, Sue Terry, Ron Cook, Lisa Knight, Linda Kaiser, and Mary Burzynski.
  • Merrill LAD for providing video recording services and editing for this event.