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Promoting Realtime

TRAIN: Taking Realtime Awareness and Innovation Nationwide

Train LogoBased on feedback provided by members through Writing Our Future, NCRA has established the TRAIN program to help court reporters get past their reluctance to writing realtime.

  • The goal of the TRAIN Program is to create an influx of realtime reporters to meet marketplace demand and to allow court reporters to differentiate themselves from other methods of making the record. 
  • Designed for delivery in small-group settings at the local level, the TRAIN program will rely on state associations and individual members to carry the message to reporters that experience has shown is the ideal setting for helping them make the transition to realtime. 

State Association Leaders information

References and guidance for our State Association Leaders. What are your state's specific realtime needs? What will it take to get your statewide official and freelance reporters interested in implementing realtime into their everyday work lives? Take realtime in your state into your own hands! The above pdf document will give you some assistance.

TRAIN Guidelines

What are the guidelines for starting a local TRAIN group? Basically, there are none! Click on the "TRAIN Guidelines" link above if you want more information about what is expected.

Still need here?

Click here to find your TRAIN representative or to contact the current NCRA public relations specialist.


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NCRA's TRAIN app is an on-the-go guide for troubleshooting, creating TRAIN groups, and much, much more!

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TRAIN Online Resources

TRAIN Online References and Other Resources

View a complete video series on the TRAIN Playlist.


Turbo Realtime Train

Turbo Realtime Train

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