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NCRAOnline is owned and operated by the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA), headquartered in Vienna, Virginia. In the course of serving our members for the past century, NCRA has gathered information about members in several ways. The advent of the Internet and the existence of the VRC have brought renewed attention to the issues of gathering information and the uses to which information is put.

NCRA welcomes visitors to the VRC and respects their privacy. We want you to be comfortable while you are here. Following is a brief explanation of how we currently gather information about visitors and what is done with it.


This site collects information from visitors, including your e-mail address. We also gather information that you agree to provide us, such as your name, mailing address, telephone number and credit card information. We may verify or combine this information with data about you that we have gathered from other sources, including membership application, member directory update form, convention or seminar registration forms, etc.


We compile and use this information so that we may keep you apprised of upcoming events and other offerings that we believe may be of interest to you. Also, we may use the information to help us create new offerings.


From time to time we are approached by third parties interested in identifying people who visit our site or who are members of NCRA. They may have a product to offer that would interest our visitors or members, or they may be collecting information for research or for some other legitimate purpose. It is our policy to furnish names, postal addresses and e-mail addresses in instances when we reasonably believe that the information to be conveyed by third parties will be of interest to a significant number of the people who receive it. Third parties with whom we have a contractual relationship under the Member Advantage Program also may request to receive members' telephone numbers.

Of course, your e-mail address can be captured from your communications on the Web. And, it is a relatively easy process for third parties to build lists of e-mail addresses and other contact information from printed directories, online message forums and other sources, even though doing so may violate usage rules set up by the directory publishers and forum operators. As a result, you may receive an e-mail, mailing or fax that appears to be officially sanctioned by NCRA when that is not the case. NCRA seeds its lists with dummy information as a way to detect unauthorized use, and we pursue your Association's ownership rights with parties that violate the terms and conditions of list usage. If you have a question about the source or origin of a communication, please forward it to the NCRA Web Administrator.


In a sense, it is more difficult to move about the Internet unobserved than it is in the world at large. Web sites register your presence, even if they do not necessarily know who "you" are. At that level, we have no choice. However, you can request that information we receive from you not be used by us or shared with a third party. We may still maintain a record of your visits to our Web site, but we will not further solicit your business if you do not wish to hear from us. Please notify the NCRA Member Services and Information Center (800-272-6262; 8224 Old Courthouse Road, Vienna, VA 22182) to be removed from our postal, e-mail, fax or telephone contact lists. If you do not want to have any of your information provided to a third party (other than disclosures required by law, should that occasion arise), please notify the Member Services and Information Center.


If you discover that we have incorrect information about you, such as misspelled name, old mailing address, etc., please contact the Member Services and Information Center so we can make the appropriate correction.


If you suspect or discover an abuse of your personal privacy that involves the Verbatim Reporters Center Web site, please contact the NCRA Web Administrator or the Member Services and Information Center so that an appropriate investigation can take place.


The information that we all provide as we visit Web sites and transact business on the World Wide Web contributes to the general betterment of life online through improved responsiveness to our needs and interests. The VRC and NCRA want to preserve the social and economic benefits derived from such information. At the same time, we want to preserve the right of individuals to be protected from privacy abuses and the misappropriation of personal information. For more information about our Web site privacy policy, contact the NCRA Web Administrator.

For useful information about protecting your privacy as you travel on the World Wide Web, see the Federal Trade Commission's Web page about "Site Seeing on the Internet."

This privacy policy statement was approved by the NCRA Board of Directors in July 1999.