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Welcome to the Scopists homepage! The hub of all things for scopists, enjoy news, discussions, and information sharing. 

Latest News
October 20 - JCR Is Seeking Tax Tips
Are you a freelancer or an official who has great ideas on how to help ease tax preparation? If so, the JCR team wants to hear from you. ...MORE
October 6 - NCRA and Schools Celebrate National Punctuation Day
NCRA celebrated National Punctuation Day on September 24, 2011, by offering schools a punctuation-free version of a speed contest legal opinion to punctuate. ...MORE
August 30 - NCRA Expo Vendor Video Tour
NCRA's Technology Evaluation Committee takes you on a video tour of the 2011 NCRA Expo at the Annual Convention in Las Vegas. The committee focused its efforts on new products and services being offered at the Expo. ...MORE
April 29 - The New York Times Reports More Than 100,000 Digital Subscribers